Dynamic Files in Excel Online (Business)

This is just a quick little reminder, mostly to my self. When using Excel Online connectors in Power Automate. It is a multi-step process. My Trigger was “For a selected file” Get the File Properties Perform Excel functions. Using the “Identifier” field from the file properties. File ID will not work. If you use IDContinue reading “Dynamic Files in Excel Online (Business)”

Managing Projects in a Modern World (Part 2)

In my previous post (Managing Projects in a Modern World (Part 1))I showed an example of an integrated Microsoft Teams, Azure DevOps and Project Roadmap environment. This post is all about setting up Azure DevOps to work with Teams and Roadmap At a high-level we need to: Create a project Setup your teams Configure yourContinue reading “Managing Projects in a Modern World (Part 2)”

Where are my features!?!

Microsoft has done a really great job over the last 6 months to bring to light all the hard work they are doing within SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams. Between the announcements at ignite , various blog posts, twitter users like @anne_michels and @vesajuvonen. There are a ton and I mean a ton of new features comingContinue reading “Where are my features!?!”